Expanded the film collection a bit today

Universal Soldier CoverMy film collection got expanded today. Universal Soldier and Universal Solider – Regeneration was in the mail from Amazon. I bought Universal Soldier a while ago, or so I thought. It turned out that it was Universal Soldier – The Return, the second film (if you do not count the two crappy TV-movies that where made) in the series. I actually didn’t know that they had made two more movies (shame on me) so when I picked up the second I didn’t look very carefully and thought it was the 1st one. Anyway, since I now had the 2nd one in the series and wanted the 1st one, I of course had to get them all so I ordered the two missing ones from Amazon.

To add to todays delivery Bodil took a trip to MediaMarkt in Geneva while waiting for the kids finishing their Wednesday school. She picked up three, almost cult, movies from Hayao Miyazaki. We have seen some of his films on French TV and both we and the kids quite liked them. They are really cool with a very different style from most western animated films.

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