HP Slate finally released in the states

It appears that the HP slate have, finally, been released in the states. I’m still quite interested in this device. Unlike the iPad toy which is essentially just an overgrown portable phone, this is a real computer in a slate form factor with a real operating system (Windows 7).

HP Slate 500It would be ideal as a small Windows device to have while reading my emails or browsing the news in front of the TV in the evenings. With Windows 7, instead of the half arsed operating systems on toys like the iCrap or Android based ones, it would also integrate seamlessly with the rest of my stuff like my NAS storage etc. Since it can be flipped around between landscape and portrait view, reading e-books with Kindle for PC on it sounds perfect.

I really hope it actually gets shipped to the European market. With all the red tape and additional costs that the tax greedy bureaucrats usually adds before we poor European customers get our hands on anything, you never know.

Meet the HP Slate 500 | Circuit Breaker – CNET News

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