Lunch in Geneva & Autumn Gardening

IMG_0856I had the day off work today. Since the kids are on school holidays this week we had decided that we were going to go to Geneva to check up on the new Ikea warehouse that have opened their recently. It’s very convenient for us since now we do not have to drive a little more than half way to Lausanne to get our Ikea “fix”. In all honesty, we really do not care very much for Ikea itself. Despite Mr. Kamprad’s best attempts to convince the world otherwise, Ikea furniture are on the cheap side, both in terms of price and quality. The reason we go there is for the Epicerie Suedoise where we can get some Swedish food, for instance Matjesill. After the visit to Ikea we took the opportunity to have a nice lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant.

IMG_0858Since it was really nice weather today, much better than forecasted, we spent the afternoon in the garden doing some autumn gardening, trimming the prune tree and shredding branches for the compost. I really hate fruit trees just because you have to trim the bloody things all the time.

In the afternoon the kitchen decorator, finally, arrived to complete the splashboard and the other remaining bits for the kitchen. He’s doing a good job but unfortunately he’s not really been coming when expected lately so we’re now at least a week late. Not too unexpected when you’re dealing with French artisans but it’s annoying that everything seems to be getting slower and slower the closer we get to the finish line.

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