Installed a PowerLine Network Today

WG602v3_Hero 001Today I installed a set of PowerLine network adapters from NetGear creating a local area network using my existing electrical wiring.

During the kitchen renovation we moved the bench where I have my ADSL modem, router and NAS drive around the corner and we do not really plan to move it back. We didn’t move it very much but it was enough to drop the Wi-Fi signal strength for my desktop PC, which is in the other end of the house, to around 30%. Since it’s a 270 Mbps network (under ideal conditions that is) it was still quite usable but I had been playing with the idea of installing a PowerLine network some time anyway since both the TV and the PlayStation only supports 802.11g and the Blu-ray player I got doesn’t have Wi-Fi at all.

WG602v3_Hero 001When NetGear first came out with the PowerLine network products you more or less had to dedicate a wall socket to the network adapter and it was not very fast. Now their mid-range product is 200 Mbps going up to 500 Mbps for the high-end ones and they have models with pass-thru so you do no longer have to dedicate a wall socket. You can also get an adapter nicely targeted to a home cinema set-up with a total of four Ethernet ports.

So I got a set of XAVB2501 adapters and the XAVB1004 Home Theatre Kit. The entire thing is a breeze to install. You simply plug the adapter into the wall socket and hook it up to the Ethernet port of your equipment and your set to go. The adapters start to communicate with each other without any user intervention needed. If you live in an apartment building you might want to change the default encryption key but that’s about everything you would need to do and that as well is really simple with the software that comes with the adapters.

So, now I have a true 100 Mbps wired Ethernet LAN in every room of the house 🙂


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