Sausages, sausages and more sausages.

I just sat down having a coffee after having put up the Christmas lights in the garden. We have not lit them up yet of course, that happens on the 1st Advent, but since you can never be sure if it’s going to rain or not the last weekend before 1st Advent I always grab the opportunity to put them up on a weekend when the weather is decent sometime in November so they went up this weekend.

So what about the sausages then? Well, this morning we went to the hardware store, I needed some paint for shoe shelf that I will make and some other stuff, and then we continued to the Food & Wine Fair in Gex that is on this weekend. One of the things that we got is some Corsican Sausages (Figatellu) that we always buy there and save for Christmas. Equally traditional is us having lunch at an exhibitor that sells German Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut. The kids love it, at least the sausages. Actually it’s only Timothy that doesn’t want Sauerkraut with his sausage.

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