Lussekatter & Pepparkakshus

LussekatterBodil loves her new kitchen, especially the oven. This morning she made traditional saffron flavored buns, Lussekatter, for Lucia. Another thing we haven’t done in many years due to the lack of an oven. She will bring in a batch of them to the Swedish School in Geneva for the Lucia celebration . Right now an equally traditional Christmas fruit cake sits in the oven and earlier this week Bodil finished our Pepparkakshus.

PepparkaksHusWhile Bodil was making the buns JJ and I went to Botanic to get this years Christmas tree. I really can not understand the people who get a synthetic one. Where the hell is the Christmas feeling in that? Having said that, it was difficult to find a good one this year. The regularly re-stock what they have in the shop so we must have gotten there in the wrong moment. Luckily our high ceiling in the living room allows us some flexibility so we could pick one from the 2.5 to 3 meter batch.

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