Joheunnom Nabbeunnom Isanghannom

The Good The Bad The WeirdIf you do not understand the title, you’re forgiven. It’s the original language title of a South Korean film that we picked up on Blu-ray at MediaMarkt in Meyrin and watched last night. I generally want to watch films in VO (Version Original) but for this one, I forgot about that and we put it on in French. The international title is The Good, The Bad, The Weird, which is also how I registered it in my Film Collection, and the last part is rather true for the film as well. It is a somewhat weird film. Take two parts Sergio Leone and one part Quentin Tarantino and you pretty much get the picture.

It’s an Asian film so, as expected, it abounds with real stunt effects. Lot’s of fighting and martial arts. No CGI but the real stuff with real explosions to accompany the fighting. In general that’s what made the film worth watching. I would say that I prefer a real Sergio Leone with Clint Eastwood in it for this type of film but still, it was 2 hours of fun.

The video quality was up to decent Blu-ray quality, 1080p AVC encoding. Funnily enough it seems to have been released for the US market in 1080i according to The sound was a bit funny. It was a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack but I have never listened to a soundtrack before where they put so much emphasize on the surround effects. Sometimes I almost felt that the surround speakers where given just as much volume as the front ones.

It quite interesting that MediaMarkt apparently carried the version of the film that was intended for the native South Korean market. This version has a different ending which, surprisingly, is more up-beat than the international one and it contains some scenes that where dropped to suit the whiners from the UK film age-ratings/censor boards.

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