Installed a new radiator

The last of our old heaters gave up before Christmas so while doing the shopping yesterday we went to Boite a Outils and picked up a new one of the same model that we now have installed EOS_20101231_0547everywhere else on the ground floor.

This morning I installed it. It’s a radiating model instead of the old ones which relied on air circulating over the heating elements. These gives a much more comfortable heat as the other ones where the heat just ended up below the roof which is about 7 meters up in our living room.

We picked a vertical one since I have to fit it between my left main speaker and the subwoofer. Yes yes, I know that the main speaker is positioned too close to the corner for optimal sound but I simply have no choice the way the room is laid out. Luckily the Audussey MultiEQ XT in my AV Receiver is doing a fairly good job of correcting for the damage done by the corner position.

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