The Hangover

The HangoverNo I did not have a hangover :-). It’s the original title of  a comedy film that we watched last night. For some reason the French importer decided to rename it to A Very Bad Trip. I could have understood it if they renamed it to something French but another English title? As usual, those morons made fools out of themselves…again.

Anyway, the film is an R-rated comedy movie. The rating is probably because the mildly rude language and a few sexual hints upset the hypocrites in the US bible belt.

Anyway, the film is quite hilarious. It’s about three guys who bring their friend, who’s about to get married, on a stag knight. When they wake up there’s no groom any more but a tiger, which later turns out to belong to Mike Tyson, in the bathroom(!) and the hotel suite is wrecked. They do not remember a thing so they now have to retrace the last night to try and find the groom before the weeding. Among other things, they find out they stole a police car, locked a naked Asian guy in the trunk of their car, one of them got married and so on…

As I said, quite hilarious :lol:.

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