Watched Salt last evening

SaltNo we did not watch a can of Sodium Chloride last evening, it’s the 2010 action flick with Angelina Jolie that I’m talking about.

It’s a very good action movie. Yes, the stunts are sometimes a wee bit unrealistic but that’s part of the fun. I generally do like Angelina Jolie in these kind of films as well. She’s never going to be Oscar material but she’s just right for this type of film.

The Blu-ray transfer was excellent. Very good quality picture and very very good DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack. Excellent surround presentation and just enough use of the LFE channel.

The Blu-ray disc has three versions on it, theatrical release, directors cut and extended cut.  We watched the extended cut. I was torn between the directors cut and the extended cut but the ending in directors cut is a bit too “cliffhangerish” for my taste.

In general, very enjoyable 100 or so minutes

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