Building Tower Bridge

EOS_20110205_0575Timothy got a Tower Bridge construction kit from his grandparents for Christmas. This morning, when he woke up, he came down and wanted to build it. It really was too difficult for him to build so I ended up building it. Just what you want to do before you even got a cup of coffee…not! It’s a paper/styrofoam kit and turned out to be a real pain to build. When you put one bit in place another one popped out…arrgghh. Anyway, I finally got it together.

We needed to shop for some presents today as well so we went to Val Thoiry where we also had lunch after the shopping. For being a shopping center lunch restaurant the place is quite okay and have a fairly nice and varied selection of dishes on the menu. Bodil had a Norwegian salad (a Norwegian would probably object to the generous use of garlic though) and Jonathan and me went for a classical French steak-frites. The small ones went, not surprisingly, for pasta and sausages.

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