Resident Evil–Apocalypse

resident Evil - ApocalypseLast evening we got around to watch the 2nd installment of the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil – Apocalypse. I have to say that I liked the first film better. Sure this was still 90+ minutes of reasonable entertainment but the plot was really a bit too loose, fragmented and unbelievable, even for a film like this. It’s fairly obvious that the film is based on a video game and that they have tried to be fairly true to whatever story that was in the game (I have to admit that I have never played the games myself) but…hmmm.

Anyway, it was still fun to watch. The acting wasn’t too catastrophic but then, in a film like this, you need to look surprised, look scared and ultimately look dead or at least in the process of becoming dead. Not too difficult perhaps.

Technically, the Blu-ray transfer was as expected. Good picture quality, also in the dark passages and a nice DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack with a fair amount of surround effects. Rather conservative use of the LFE channel but I rather have that than a film where it’s overdone. It’s so annoying when the entire room rumbles as soon as someone closes a door.

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