CenturionLast weekend we watched Centurion. An old-fashioned adventure film based on the mysterious disappearance of the 9th Roman legion and the history of a few remaining men fighting their way back from Scotland to the Roman lines.

The story was quite straightforward and nicely implemented. There was a fair amount of hacking and slashing going on but not to the extent of making it ridiculous. In general, the film was quite entertaining. A few “besserwissers” trashed it for not being “historically correct” but since the director specifically stated that it was not meant to be but simply based on some historical events those plonkers should perhaps read up on the facts before opening their mouth.

The only negative point was with the Blu-ray which, unfortunately, was mastered for the French market by some clueless “Francophone” and thus you were forced to have sub-titles on when you selected the original language (English). This is just rubbish and, with a media like Blu-ray, where you can have a several language and a dozen selectable sub-title languages on the disk, it’s simply disrespectful towards the creators and unforgivable. Unfortunately the French have the habit of screwing with foreign movies in this way.

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