Bad weather, pizza, chairs and films

Today the weather was really crappy. Gray and rainy. The forecast states that it will be better tomorrow and hopefully it will be since we really need to get started in the garden. The grass is starting to grow and we need to turn over some of the flower beds that we plan to redo for this year.

In the morning we did some of the usual shopping, going to Botanic to pick up some food for the dogs, some tea for me and some plants for Bodil.

We also did some not so usual shopping in that we have started to prepare the reading corner that we always wanted to have on the mezzanine. We found a nice leather chair that we fell for and ordered. The company make them on demand so it will take around 10 weeks for it to be manufactured and delivered. Suits us fine since then we will have time to find the shelf and table that we plan to put there as well.

After the shopping we stopped by our favorite pizza place for some pizza, to the kids delight, before going home. Now the kids are playing PS3. Well the two small ones at least. JJ played his share yesterday since he only had a half day at school so he’s up in his room, probably with his computer. Bodil is messing around with her textile hobbies and me, well obviously I’m in front of the computer writing this.

When we came home some of the films I have on order had arrived in the mailbox. I regularly order some of the new Blu-ray releases from Amazon as they come out and for my last batch I ordered, Unstoppable, Last Man Standing, Due Date and Red. Bodil also picked up The Boat That Rocked from MediaMarkt in Meyrin during the week. This brings my Film Collection to 669 titles.

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