Gardening Time !

EOS_20110320_0619The weather forecast was correct and the weather is really nice and sunny today. That means it’s gardening time! Thus we spent the morning in the garden cutting down the EOS_20110320_0620Elderberries that was about to invade our neighbor as well as creating too much shade for the rest of our plants. We also started to dig up and redo the flower bed at the back of the house, facing our neighbor.

EOS_20110320_0622As I mentioned in an earlier post, it was about time that we got the opportunity to do some work in the garden since the plants had really started to take off. I certainly hope that the lawnmower, that we handed in for a service, will be ready soon since the grass is starting to become quite tall.

EOS_20110320_0623Not all of the family members shared my and Bodil’s enthusiasm for the weather though, or at least not for the gardening. When we came back in just before lunch the kids were where we had left them, that is as in the photo to the left :roll:.

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