UnstoppableTwo of the films, Unstoppable and Last Man Standing, that I had on order arrived yesterday and in any case, my Films-I-Have-But-Not-Yet-Watched list is still hovering around 30 films that we have not yet watched so last evening we watched Unstoppable.

In short I have to say this is a very good, straightforward disaster/action flick. Effects are nice, although I kind of expected the train to really derail at some point in time, the plot is adequate, the villain is sufficiently stupid to become the hate-object and the heroes are not too bad.

Sure they tried to complicate it a bit with those silly family background stories and there was a few dead moments when the heroes just had to sit around and tell their stories to each other but on the whole it was a very enjoyable movie.

The Blu-ray transfer was of the high quality you would expect from a reasonably high-profile movie like this and the, nothing less than earth-shaking, LFE from the DT-HS Master Audio soundtrack when that half-mile, 10 000 tons, worth of train thunders through the image was just stunning. I actually wished I had a more capable sub-woofer than the one I got. The Focal one struggles quite a bit below 35 Hz.

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