Timothy’s birthday

EOS_20110411_0656Today is Timothy’s birthday although we cheated a bit and went to a birthday meal in Ferney Voltaire last Saturday as I mentioned in a previous post.

As is the tradition in our family the morning started with opening of presents before breakfast and school. Not entirely surprising Timothy was already awake when we came up to his room.

I took a few photos in the morning and Bodil took a couple more later when he came home from school. A few of them have been uploaded to the Miscellaneous photo album on SkyDrive.

Naturally the item that caught his main interest was the (green :mrgreen:) Nintendo XL that he has been asking for the last year or so. Surprisingly enough he hasn’t really played much games on it, yet. He and Cassandra found the built in sound recorder and camera and apparently this was a big hit.

However, unlike Jonathan, who forgets everything else if he get a computer game, Timothy has already played with quite a few of the other things as well. While writing this he and Bodil are building one of the Lego kits he got.

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