Got the Swedish Easter herring

Ikea HerringThe Swedish herring for Easter is now safely stashed in our fridge. Today I took the day off so that I and Bodil could go to Ikea in Geneva and get some Swedish herring for Easter. For Christmas we make our own pickled herring but since we can only get the raw salted herring at the Christmas fair given by the Swedish church in Lausanne we buy the ready-made variety for the other occasions during the year.

It has really become much more convenient to go to Ikea now when they have opened a store in Geneva. It took a lot of political nonsense wrangling before the store was finally opened because the green communists tried their best to make it so that you should not be able to go to the store by car. Luckily those morons didn’t succeed with that idiotic idea.

Now I’m just going to relax at home for the afternoon and enjoy the silence while the kids are at school.

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