Monday, last day of the Easter holidays

IMG_7555Well, at least it’s the last day for me. The kids have two more weeks of holidays. Bodil is not 100% enthusiastic about having the three beasts at home for two whole weeks.

Yesterday we did the Easter egg hunt in the garden, despite the fact that Cassandra had 39+ degrees and had managed to pass her cold on to Bodil as well. Cassandra insisted that we do it anyway so…some paracetamol and out in the garden.

Normally we would have done the egg hunt on the Saturday but we where so stuffed from the lunch and the cake in the afternoon that we postponed it to the Sunday. Sunday is the day when you would normally do it in France as well so we didn’t feel too guilty.

Pretty much everything is closed up today and I installed Lord of The Rings – Battle for Middle Earth II on JJ’s computer yesterday so I guess it will be another quiet day at home today. It’s time for me to change the water in the aquarium as well so it suits me fine.

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