Another weekend gone, watched Desperado

IMG_1009So has another weekend gone. Too quickly as usual. Since Bodil and the kids has had a cold the last couple of days we didn’t really do very much this weekend. Apart from mowing the lawn and some other minor stuff I spent quite some time in front of the computer working on implementing a piece of admin software for our Catia/SmarTeam systems.

The kids watched the third installment of The Chronicles of Narnia (The Voyage of The Dawn Treader). I’ll write some words about it when I have watched it myself. The kids liked it but they watched it in the afternoon and I had other things to do and anyway they watched it in French and I want it in the original language.

DesperadoWe did however watch Desperado with Antonio Banderas on Saturday evening. Bodil and I have watched that movie before but I have to say that I didn’t remember it very well. I didn’t remember that Quentin Tarantino made an appearance in it for instance. It’s a good movie in the expected “Rodriguez style”. Much more professionally executed than the predecessor, El Mariachi. Not very surprising since Robert Rodriguez had a professional budget this time. Sound and picture was quite good considering the fact that the movie is from 1995. A reasonably well done transfer to Blu-ray.

So much for the weekend. Tonight W9 shows Gordon Ramsay’s – Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares so we’re in for an evening of that. Unfortunately they cannot bothered to broadcast them with the original sound. It’s really crap now when you have digital TV that they can not be bothered to broadcast it in both languages. It doesn’t really cost them anything to do so since digital TV supports multiple languages. Half the show is Gordon’s colorful language after all.

Well, that’s the French for you. Luckily even they are improving. More and more movie enthusiasts are demanding the original versions and thus more and more shows are broadcast in both languages, except for the stubborn French government-run channels of course. Hopefully they will have to cave in sooner or later as well.

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