French Chrome in Crozet

IMG_1032French Chrome, a local car club, held their annual gathering in Crozet today. Naturally we had to stroll down there and have a look. It opened just before lunch and was arranged so that you could have a simple lunch there. We went there just after we had our lunch at home but counting by the the number of people still sitting at the tables it looked like quite a few people had opted for having their lunch at the gathering.

IMG_1027I took a few photos of course which I uploaded to my Miscellaneous photo album on SkyDrive together with a few ones I took when walking home with Jonathan and Timothy. Cassandra didn’t want to walk over the countryside so she and Bodil went straight home through the village.

UPDATE: The Miscellaneous photo album have been recycled since this post was written. The car-related photos can be found in my Cars photo album on SkyDrive.

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