Went to Val Thoiry to get birthday presents

Made a trip to Val Thoiry today so that the kids could get birthday presents for Bodil’s birthday. I asked them on Friday if they had thought about what they wanted to get for Bodil’s birthday. Timothy and Cassandra answered yes and Jonathan said “huh”. At least Jonathans answer was an honest one :roll:.

Anyway, we managed to get some presents in the end and then we had a quick lunch at Sabayon, the shopping center’s bistro.

Gormiti - Season 1 - Volume 1While me and the kids were shopping Bodil had some stuff she wanted to look at in Migros but when she came out she had found five DVD’s with Gormiti for Timothy (Gormiti is one of Timothy’s favorite character sets but he has never actually seen the TV-series itself), some fairy books for Cassandra and a Nintendo game in 3D for Jonathan. In the end I think the kids got more stuff than what we got for Bodil.

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