Virtual Reality at work

Haption 2Today I attended a quite interesting presentation at CERN given by a company named Haption. They develop software solutions for virtual reality simulations of real world situations which is integrated into Dassault Systemes CAD software (Catia) which we use at CERN.

By attaching sensor equipment to a person and rigging a set of four or more cameras on a scene the person can manipulate objects by moving naturally around on the scene.

Haption 1The demo was quite impressive and the entire concept is very interesting for example in order to plan interventions in the accelerator where spaces are often quite cramped not to mention radioactive in some areas so the intervention must be completed within certain time constraints.

The systems are used by several high profile companies and institutions such as EADS, Airbus, Boeing, NASA etc. The image with the door is a real design of a door to a Peugeot. The yellow component at the bottom right is the motor to the window. It’s supposed to fit behind the green sheet of the metal. See the two holes in the sheet? One just behind the motor at the bottom right and the other one just above. You can squeeze that motor through any of those holes! We did it during the demo and it was not a recorded demo. We moved around the motor in real time using the virtual reality outfit.

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