It’s amazing what idiots some companies employ!

Omnia 7Recently I had a minor issue with installing the latest Microsoft update for my Samsung Omnia 7. It just didn’t want to install. Now, it’s a known fact that this particular model has an update problem. Samsung have released a patch but there is a small number of phones (hose with bootloader version which could not install the patch either. Naturally my phone was one of those. Sure, I could live without the update but then I  might miss out on future features that Microsoft would put out since the phone would more than likely not take those updates either. The patch installer told you to contact your service guy if you could not install the patch so I went to MediaMarkt where I bought the phone over lunch last week.

The guy that received me redefines the word stupid. He was a total fucking moron. If you have absolutely no clue what the person in front of you are talking about then you can just as well say so, or check with someone who is competent or at least try to come up with some plausible answer. Not this idiot though. he proceeded to give a live demonstration of his stupidity. When I told him that I couldn’t update the phone he grabs the phone and starts to flick through all the menus back and forth. After he had turned on and off the update alert four times I asked him what he was doing. Turns out that the idiot had no clue how a Phone 7 worked (and he was selling them!) so he was looking for the update function? The fact that you have to connect the phone to your PC to update it was something he was totally clueless about.

AngrySo I had to explain to him how you updated a Windows Phone 7, something he should fucking well know already otherwise he shouldn’t be selling these things in the first place. After finishing the explanation he said: “So you want to install an application?” What the fuck? No I wanted to update the phone as per the update alert that I had received from Microsoft you bloody intellectual midget :roll:. So I explained it again and added that it was a known problem and Samsung had released a patch for it. His little minute reptile brain quickly grabbed on to that and tried to tell me that it was a Samsung problem then and I had to contact Samsung. Wrong answer moron :evil:! I specifically asked whether I could come back to MediaMarkt if there was a problem with the phone when I bought it which I told him and asked if there was someone with at least some basic competence around that I could talk to.

When I finally got to talk to someone with more than half a brain cell I was told that yes they would deal with it but they would have to send it of to Samsung which would take minimum 2 weeks (I would say that 3 to 4 weeks would have been more likely).

So I said, that’s ridiculous. I’ll think about. Did a bit more research on the web. Found out that you can get around the phone patch problem with a 301KOhm resistor connected to the USB port. Got a USB jig from eBay set up with a suitable resistor for the moderate sum of 5 Euros, plugged it in, patched the phone and voila, 10 minutes later my phone was up to date and working perfectly.

Now if those idiots at MediaMarkt would have had the slightest clue about what the heck they where selling I would not have had to spend 10 times as much time trying to explain basics for a clueless idiot, they would have known about this rather well-known problem with the product they are selling in the first place and they would have had a jig in the shop fixing the problem in 5 minutes resulting in a lot more happy customers.

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