Bloody French construction designs !

FloodThe way the French design some things, like for instance the roof gutters on our house, is very very bizarre. The rain water from our roof is led through the gutters to a point in the basement inside the house where it’s then feed out again through the sewage system.

Today we learned that it’s not only a somewhat bizarre solution but also truly moronic one.

The birds always try to nest under the roof tiles of the house and the heavy rains during the thunderstorm last night had flushed down a lot of their building material into the gutters which then, of course, continued down the pipes until it got stuck. In a normal gutter design this would have been an inconvenience but nothing more.

However, since the bloody pipes ends up in a semi-open drain inside the house we ended up with a nice flooding in the basement which I discovered this morning when I had to go down into the basement for a totally unrelated reason.

So we spent the morning cleaning out the sewage drain and drying out the garage. Not my idea of a nice Sunday morning :evil:.

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