Got a Acer Iconia Tablet

Iconia A500I have written in earlier posts about me wanting to get a tablet device. What I really wanted was a Windows based one. I was particularly keen on the Asus Eee Pad E121 but it seemed to take forwever to come out in Switzerland (if I bought it in France I would be stuck with a French Windows installation, yuck :-() and at around 1000 Euros it’s still quite expensive.

Another reason for me delaying buying a Windows tablet is that Windows 8 with much more extensive tablet support is starting to emerge out of the shadows but it wont be available until late this year. Actually I would guess it wont really be available for purchase until beginning of next year.

Anyway, I have found that I am using my Samsung Phone 7 device more and more for reading news and especially reading e-books using the Kindle app. So much that I generally drained the battery in a single day and had to recharge it every evening.

Acer A500Thus I decided to go for one of the new Android 3.x tablets that are starting to come out from multiple manufacturers. I was not really too keen on the Google-made Android operating system, mostly because I find Google to be a very arrogant company, but at a price point which is about one third of the Asus pad I thought I could get one now and then “upgrade” to a more professional Windows tablet in year or two.

So when MediaMarkt had a sale giving me 99 Francs off an Acer Iconia A500 I went for it. It’s a nice Dual Core Tegra 250 based one with a 10.1 inch touch screen, 1Gb of RAM and a 32 GB Solid State Drive. I have only had it for a day and a half when writing this and are still setting it up so I will likely write some more about it when I have some more experience with it.

So far it’s doing what I wanted quite well. That is I can read my Kindle e-books, read news, sync my agenda and check my emails etc…

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