Red Alert and Air Force One

IMG_1084A while ago, before Jonathan got grounded and got his computer and other gadgets confiscated for two weeks, I installed Alert Rouge, an old game that I have had since quite some time, on his laptop. Timothy have been asking to be allowed to play it ever since but Jonathan has of course been inventing all kinds of reasons why he shouldn’t. So today I installed it on my desktop and let him have a go at it. Of course the game was forcefully declared “nul” every time he lost but he still kept on playing for about three hours, until I told him I wanted my PC back, so it couldn’t have been that bad ;-).

So what do Red Alert have to do with Air Force One? Well, nothing at all! However, we did (re)watch this movie on Blu-ray last evening.

Air Force OneIt’s a quite nice action flick. Some people on Rotten Tomatoes and other sites have been moaning that it was too much “American patriotism”. Well, that’s a load of bullshit! Sure it was very “American” but given the name and the cast, what the hell did these morons expect? If one cannot enjoy a good American action movie because of some patriotism in it, well then do not watch them! Incidentally there are some countries in Europe, no names mentioned cough cough, that could do with some more patriotism in the first place.

Anyway, for us it was two enjoyable hours, and hey, it’s Harrison Ford after all! It is a decent enough transfer to Blu-ray although the choice of sound codecs is a bit unusual in that it has a Linear PCM 5.1 English track on it.

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