Finally watched Pearl Harbor last evening

Pearl HarbourWhen this film came out I never bothered to watch it since I do not really like films where you know pretty much what’s happening and you know it’s a tragic story. It also got fairly panned by he critics when it came out. Not that I care much about the critic’s since they’re usually morons but it added to me being uninterested in this film nonetheless.

Bodil got it when she was at MediaMarkt last Wednesday since Jonathan have a “fly boy” period right now and consumes anything that has to do with 1st and 2nd world war flying.

I have to say it was a quite okay film. As usual the critics are idiots. There’s nothing really wrong with the film. It’s a nice entertainment film set around the events at Pearl Harbor during the second world war. It’s a quite long film, 3 hours, and they used it nicely to include the bombing of the Japanese mainland (the Doolittle Raid) shortly after Pearl Harbor which made the entire film and especially the ending a little less tragic. The film really never felt too long.

A lot of people criticizing it have been doing so on account of “historical inaccuracies”. This is just soooo much bullshit. It’s not a documentary for Christ sake! If a ship lies for anchor in the wrong spot or sinks a bit faster or slower, well, who the bloody hell cares? Get a life!

Quality-wise the Blu-ray transfer is as good as you would expect from such a high profile movie. Excellent picture and good sound quality. It is another one of these unusual transfers that has a Linear PCM sound track instead of the more usual DTS HD-MA or Dolby True HD ones.

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