Downloaded the free PS3/PSN “hacking compensation” games

Dead NationI got a reminder last Friday that Sony was handing out free games to compensate for the hacking of their PlayStation Network by some low-life criminal scum earlier in the year. I hadn’t given it much thought since I have really not used the PlayStation Network but the offer expired this Sunday so I decide to have a look.

There was five games available, one of which we already had, so I picked two of them which looked okay and had gotten decent reviews. Cassandra is playing Wipeout HD + Fury, a futuristic racing game, while I’m writing this.

Tim has already said he wanted to play the other one, Dead Nation, and I’m not surprised. That one is certainly more for the boys since it’s Zombies galore, as the image at the top left shows. I’m sure my mother in law will love that image by the way 😈

Wipeout HDIt took almost a full day to download the bloody games over the network and my connection isn’t that bad. With an actual throughput of between 6 and 7 MBps it’s better than many in this region. So, please try to explain to me, again, why people are always harping about on-line games, movies etc. ? I for one will stick to physical media for now! With shops like Amazon etc. you even get it delivered straight home so you do not have to go or drive to the shop.

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