Got our satellite receiver installed yesterday

CanalSat LogoSo, now the bloody morons at TDF and CSA have been made obsolete as far as we are concerned. We’re only dependent on ground based transmissions for the four Swiss channels as from yesterday.

The guy came around 10’o clock yesterday and was finished 2 hours later. He even took off half an hour worth of labor from the original price quote since it took him less time than he’d expected from the start. Well he actually didn’t hook everything up. I had to connect the satellite box to my internet network myself and do some additional settings like making sure English language sound was chosen in favor of French when it’s available etc… Sure those things are a bit optional but a real pro installer would at least have made sure that all the connections was done nonetheless.

CanalSat MosaiqueAnyway, we now have a hundred or so channels from CanalSat to select from. A lot of them are garbage of course but I have programmed the four pages of quick select with channels that we assume we will watch. 6 channels on each page with general channels, cinema channels, science/discovery/tech channels and childrens/cartoons/sci-fi channels. Channels that we assume we will watch. We will have to see when we get more experience which ones we will actually watch. I can only program 24 channels on the quick select so I have to be selective.

Unfortunately, the receiver box itself is not very ergonomic. To do quick selects you have to rely on a programmable universal remote like the Harmony One that we have. That’s always the drawback when you are more or less forced to use proprietary equipment. It’s always built as cheap as possible and even though this receiver, +Le Cube, is the top-of-the-line model from CanalSat it’s still a very cheap construction.

CanalSat GuideThere’s no quick select to flip languages on the fly for instance. You have to into the menus. There’s no separate channel selection menu, you have to go to channel zero where you get a channel “mosaique” that takes ages to flick through if what you want is on the far end. There’s a channel guide but it’s not very efficient to navigate either.

On the good side though we can now record stuff onto the receivers hard disk if we want to. Not that I think we might use it that often but we might use the related cool feature that lets you pause any show you’re currently watching so you can go to the toilet or get some snacks or whatever. Click pause on the remote and it starts to record the show you’re currently watching. When you’re back you just click play again and it starts to play it back while it keeps recording the incoming signal at the same time so you actually see the entire show delayed for the amount of time that you kept it on pause.

Oh, there’s another drawback of course…the kids needed quite some pushing in order to leave Cartoon Network yesterday and go to the dinner table 🙄

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