Why on earth is Android so popular ?

A500 - 2A while ago when I wrote about me getting an Android tablet I said that I would come back with some more posts when I had some more experience with my new toy. Well, the time has come to add a few of my impressions.

First of all, I use the tablet a lot and I am not really unhappy that I bought it. It has been fun to experience another platform (Android) and I use it every day to read e-books using Amazon’s Kindle for Android, a little web browsing, reading news, email etc. It is so much more convenient to have a device with a tablet form factor at hand ready to grab from the book shelf when you feel like it. Not to mention in front of the TV in the evenings. Today, I would probably do the same purchase again simply because there is nothing else on the market. Obviously an iCrap is not an option to even be spoken about.

Having said that, with the experience that I have with this device now, unless something very unexpected happens, it’s going to be replaced as soon as Windows 8 tablets starts to come out. Why you might ask? The reason for me saying that is that I am thoroughly surprised by how immature and buggy the Android operating system is. It Beta software at most and then we’re not talking about 1st generation here either. It’s version 3.1 for Christ sake!

A500 - 1The browser have a real problem with a lot of sites, it’s impossible to permanently tell it to display a UA string that keeps various sites from going into mobile mode and every so often it just crashes and quits. A lot of the apps that are available is not adapted for the tablet form factor and thus are useless and a fair number of apps just doesn’t work as advertised. Just to add to the general crappiness of the OS, the upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1 actually made things slower and really didn’t fix any bugs.

My Windows Phone 7, which IS 1st generation, is more stable than this piece of crapware!

So that’s why I asked why Android is as popular as it seams to be in the title of this post. How can people actually keep buying this crap? Maybe it works better on plain phones than on tablets but my guess is that it’s largely because people who buys a phone wants a phone. The concept of operating systems etc. is way over their heads and slick salespeople who have money incentive to sell certain devices will happily talk people into buying the crap.

Windows 8Given that Windows 7 as well as Phone 7 is way better in every aspect and more stable than Android, have a lot more working software that I would like to run on my tablet and that Windows 8 is going to “borrow” user interface elements from Phone 7 I have great hopes for a Windows 8 tablet. When they arrive, hopefully not too late next year, I will for sure try to get my hands one one and hopefully Android will be but a memorable experience in my life.

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