E-books – I really like them !

Kindle For PCMy book reading have really gone up since I started to use e-books and in particular since I got my tablet and installed Amazon’s Kindle reader on it. Before I discovered e-books I mainly read professional literature and a few fiction books that I got as presents.

I could rarely be bothered to go to a book store to look for a new book (for a decent book store you have to go into Geneva which we do not do that often since it’s a mess to drive in Geneva). If I knew that I wanted something I ordered it from Amazon but that’s about it.

Now I have read 30+ books since I got the tablet. That’s since beginning of June! It’s so easy to pick up the tablet and start reading. You have all the books in one place. I can easily fit several thousand book on my tablet and even if I would need to conserve space, which most likely will not happen in my lifetime, the book are still available for re-download from my account at the Amazon cloud any time I want it.

Since I almost always use my desktop PC, my laptop PC or (most often) my tablet in the evening to do some work, read news, email etc, switching to a book and flick through a few pages is just a click away. Even though Android is a piece of crap, Kindle works quite well on it which is really a saving grace (it’s one of the primary reasons that I bought the damned thing for after all).

Kindle ShopOne huge advantage when doing in-front-of-the-telly-reading, and most other indoor places for that matter, is the fact that you do not need to have the lights on like you would with an ordinary book. The backlit LCD of the tablet allows you to read in any light apart from direct sunlight and I’m not someone that would lay in the sun to read so it’s perfect for me.

The direct availability is of course also great. How many times have you not read a book and thought that you would like to read some more from the same author? With e-books you just go to the shop, select what you want, and a few seconds (and a few dollars) later you can start to read. Unless you keep track of how much you spend it can be a bit damaging to your finances of course.

Sometimes modern science is actually for the better 🙂

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