What a pain being without a car !

Car Battery BreakdownLast Tuesday my car battery decided to give up on me. not very surprising since it’s the original battery that’s been sitting in the car since 8 years now and most days I only drive the car from my home to my work which is a 10-15 minutes drive depending on the traffic. Thus it rarely get’s a chance to fully charge. I’m actually surprised that it lasted that long. The battery in my BMW gave up after only 5 years.

Still, it’s always a bit of a bummer when it happens. The car was starting just fine in the morning but in the afternoon there was just about enough juice left to barely get the engine to turn. I tried to charge it in the evening but it just wouldn’t take any charge. I’m lucky that the engine always starts easily so I managed to get it going again on the last few milliamperes left and drive to the garage to get it replaced.

It’s not a battery that you could pick up anywhere as well since, not only does it have to turn that decent sized V8 of mine when the weather goes sub-zero but it’s also one of those closed systems that should survive the car turning over without leaking battery acid. So I had to go to the original dealer to get a replacement.

Of course they didn’t have one in stock so as a result I had to be without a car for a few days and Bodil had to pick me up from work as well as drive me there in the morning. It’s really a pain to be without a car 😦

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