Sifting through the photo archives…

IMG_2395Yesterday Cassandra started to flick through our old (printed) photo albums just for fun. That reminded me that I hadn’t  printed out any of our photos in quite some time. Especially Cassandra’s album was rather thin. Thus I spent this morning (and a chunk of the afternoon as well) sifting through the photo archives picking out photos of Cassandra which I printed out so we could fill her album.

IMG_2402I really need to get around to arrange my photos better. For the time being most of them are simply catalogued by the date (year and month) when they where taken. Some of the earlier ones are catalogued differently and some are in different folders based on which cameras I used. The end result is that it is a real paint to sift through them looking for specific photos.

Given the possibilities to tag and arrange photos today for instance using Windows Live Gallery etc. I ought to get around to actually use the features available. It’s one heck of a job though. This years photos alone amount to 3000+ files and the previous years archives have 21 415 (!) files in them. Sure, there’s multiple versions of the same photo since I have both the raw files and the processed jpeg ones but still, there’s quite a few months of work to do it properly.

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