Organizing my photo archive

Live Photo Gallery People TaggingFollowing my last post on the subject I have continued to try and put some order into my photo archive. This is really something I should have done a long time ago. Especially given that tools have been around for quite some time now.

The tool I have chosen is Windows Live Photo Gallery. A fairly obvious choice since I already use the Windows Live Essentials suite of software. Most of the posts on this blog is written using Windows Live Writer for instance. It’s also quite good, plain and simple, and nicely integrated with Windows as well as Microsoft’s cloud services, primarily SkyDrive.

Live Photo Gallery RatingsIt’s really silly that I haven’t been bothered to actually use the organizing features until now, especially since I was already using the software to browse my photos and to publish them to SkyDrive. Once you add your photos to your archive and turn Live Photo Gallery loose on them it automatically detects faces in the photos and, if it recognizes any of them based on my history of tagging people, it suggest names to tag them with. All I have to do is to confirm and in the odd case make a correction.

Live Photo Gallery Geo TaggingApart from people tagging I rate the photos on the 1 to 5 star scale that Live Photo Gallery is offering as well as geo-tag them and add some descriptive tags when relevant.

The end result is that I can now much more easily find back photos that I want to see. For example, lets say that I want to find back photos of Timothy’s birthday. All I have to do is to select photos of Timothy and pick the shooting date of his birthday. Or if I want to see photos of our last holiday trip, I search for photos tagged Holiday and the group them by geo-tag or shooting date and I got a nice view of our last holiday(s).

Live Photo Gallery Descriptive TaggingSince I didn’t start to do this until the last couple of week I do, of course, have a huge backlog to work through. This weekend I managed to get through doing all the people-tagging and I am now continuing to do the rating, geo-tagging and descriptive tagging. So I probably have quite a few weeks of work cut out for me 🙂

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