Moving my “editorial” stuff from my SharePoint site

As you might have noticed, a bunch of new menu items have appeared on the top menu bar of my blog. As I said in my earlier post about the SharePoint upgrade at CERN, I was thinking about moving a bunch of stuff from my old home page to this blog since the upgrade have made the SharePoint site so damned ugly.

Well I decided to go for it so I am now in the process of doing the transfer. Obviously things will be in a bit of a mess during the process. As I write this post many of the pages are there but do not yet have their content in place. I’m not just moving the old pages but also rewriting them, updating the text, adding stuff, updating the layout etc.

Since I will mostly use my SharePoint site for my own list management, primarily my Film Collection lists, from now on I have split the My Stuff links to the right of the blog posts into My Stuff and My Film Collection. In the latter section I have added a bunch of links to the various film collection lists.

Computer Stuff MenuOne word about the menu bar. When you hover over a top menu item, not surprisingly, a menu will appear. If you then click on a menu item in the menu the page associated with it will be displayed. So far so god. However, The top menu item itself is also associated with a page. If you click on the top menu item once the menu is open that page will be displayed. This is a fairly common way for menus to work on the web but I personally do not like it at all. I find it unintuitive. The top menu item should open it’s submenu, nothing more. Anyway, I have therefore also duplicated the links to the main pages concerned in the My Stuff link section.

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