Birthday presents and a lunch at Bois Joly

View from Bois JolyYesterday we went to Val Thoiry, well actually not to Val Thoiry itself but the shops on the other side of the road from the front of the shopping center, so that Timothy and Jonathan could get their birthday presents for Cassandra.

Afterwards we went to Bois Joly in Crozet for lunch. Unfortunately they seemed to have some new guy there so the service was quite slow and they actually forgot a few things but the food was quite nice as usual.

Chicken Nuggets avec Fois GrasBodil had Filet de Perche and I had a nice grilled Dorade. The two small ones had chicken nuggets from the children’s menu but manage to talk me into letting him have a small bit from my entre which resulted in him having Chicken Nuggets avec Fois Gras :roll:. Sigh, what will become of those kids?

The photos are taken with the camera in my phone by the way so the quality is fairly crappy.

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