Final Destination 3, not as good as 1 & 2

I actually find it kind of weird that, more often than not, we do not find anything that we care to watch on a Saturday evening. Sure there’s a bunch of movies on a lot of the channels but we’ve already seen the good ones and the other ones, well we could perhaps be bothered to sit through them on a workday evening but not on a Saturday. One would have thought that they would bring on some more of the good stuff on a Saturday.

So we picked one of the films from the films we got but have not yet watched shelf of our film collection. Actually we’ve seen some of these films a long time ago but not since we actually bought them on DVD or Blu-ray.

Final DestinationAnyway, we picked Final Destination 3 which we hadn’t seen at all before. In short, not a very exciting movie. It was not at all as good as the previous ones. Not that this was very surprising of course since the general consensus on the web seems to be that 1 & 2 are quite good, 3 & 4 not so much while the 5th is supposed to be back in shape.

Unfortunately, in this 3rd installment it seems that the producer took some shortcuts and produced the all to common teenage splatter movie. That is, do not bother about spending time on a decent script nor any acting capabilities to talk about. Replace all that with some wiggling boobs and behinds to appeal to the not too intelligent part of the teenage movie going audience, kill of a few of the bearers of said boobs and behinds at regular intervals in an increasingly goory and spectacular way and you’re done.

I kind of like the goory and violent bit, it’s supposed to be a horror movie after all, but I would prefer that it was strung together in something that at least can be said to be semi-intelligent way. Well, you cannot have a film collection if you do not have all the films in a series can you? So I cannot say that I regret buying the set but I do not think this one will go up on the films to re-watch list any time soon.

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