Seems like we got TNT back…sort of

Broken TVTried to watch the last episodes of CSI Miami, Manhattan and Los Angeles last night. Yes, all three of them are shown in a single evening on the same channel. In this case on the Swiss TSR1 channel. The French (including the French-speaking Swiss regions) seems to just have to send at least two episodes of the same show in a row. At least in this case they were sending one of each of CSI Miami, Manhattan and Los Angeles. Often they show one or two new episodes of the same show followed by one or two reruns, again of the same show. It’s really annoying. You’re more or less force feed an entire season in a few weeks.

Anyway, last night we failed completely in watching these last episodes. The TNT signal was just so poor that it was impossible to watch anything and finally we gave up and switched back to the satellite receiver, where we unfortunately do not have the Swiss channels, to watch something else. Really a bummer since it was the last episodes of that season and I really wanted to se the conclusion(s). Especially the Los Angeles one.

Anyway, this morning I think I found the reason for the poor TNT signal from the Swiss transmitters. While watching the NetTV news I quickly flipped over the TNT channels and it appears that we, finally(!), got our French TNT back. The TV had found back all the channels we’re expected to have and flagged them all with a signal strength between fair and good. My guess is that the increased strength of the French TNT drowned out the Swiss one which was already week. Not much one can do about that since we can not really complain about not receiving Swiss channels when living in France.

Altough it is nice in one sense to finally have TNT back, it’s really a bloody joke at the same time. Since June our TNT have been totally screwed up by the TDF and CSA fuckers. In that time everyone in Pays Des Gex have been served nothing but denial to outright lies from these people. When they finally get their act together, they manage to screw the last channels I really cared about on TNT! Of course we received absolutely know information whatsoever that they planned to change something or that they expected the problems that had been reported, although they mostly ignored those reports, to be solved. I read in the local newspaper that the political representative of Pays Des Gex had gotten some very clear instructions, by a lot of people, as to what he could do at the next election if he didn’t sort things out soon so I guess that finally caused someone to wake up and kick some TDF and CSA ass. Sigh!

Well, I guess I will have to wait until they give those three CSI episodes on some of our SAT channels, and hope that they will do so in the original language as well.

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