Cassandra’s birthday, party time !

IMG_1332 (1280x960)Yesterday it was Cassandra’s birthday and she had invited some friends over for a party. I had to pick up Jonathan from school since he had some after hours work to do. No it was voluntary, not a punishment!

Anyway, when we came home the house was full of 6-7 year olds screaming their heads off while stampeding through the house back and forth. It’s unbelievable that they claim that we adults should have impaired hearing compared to kids since the noise level hurt my ears and if these kids were supposed to have a better hearing than me I do not understand how they could tolerate their own hollering.

EOS_20111004_0813 (1280x853)Luckily after a while someone discovered that Jonathan had started his computer and begun watch YouTube so they all jumped him. Jonathan was less than thrilled but I welcomed the pause in the riots.

I tried to shot a few photos but even with the SLR it proved slightly difficult to get something that wasn’t a blur of kids.

EOS_20111004_0818 (1280x853)EOS_20111004_0811 (1280x853)

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