Poor Wi-Fi reception, added an extender

Unfortunately the Wi-Fi reception of my tablet is quite poor. I can sit in the same room as the router and still the reception sometimes drops to 2 bars out of 4. As a result the tablet was dropping the connection every five to ten minutes when I was sitting in front of the TV in the living room. Sure, it reconnects itself again automatically but then it has already dropped the request that was ongoing and it can take quite some time before it manages to reconnect.

This is really poor since all my other equipment have no problems whatsoever to connect to my Wi-Fi network even further away. I’m more than likely getting a proper Windows 8 tablet when they come out next year, at least that’s what everyone expects, which one could hope have better reception. It cannot really be any worse!

Netgear WN3000 Wi-Fi ExtenderI still want to use the one I have though and I do use it every evening in front of the TV to read my emails, news and do some book reading. So when I noticed that Amazon had NetGear’s, same brand as my router, Wi-Fi extender WN3000 for around 50 Euros I put down an order for it.

I got it last Monday and plopped it in right away. The installation is really simple. Stick it into a power outlet, connect to it with your desktop, laptop, tablet or whatever, and enter the security codes for the network you want to extend and voila, you have an extended network.

Of course the extender itself must be within range of the original network so it cannot work miracles. It can reasonably extend the range by about 60 to 80 percent at most I would say. The device has external antennas though so it blasts the extended signal quite far.

Naturally, using the extended network is somewhat slower than the original since the packets has to hop to the extender first which then resends them to the router itself but the end result is certainly good enough for what I’m using it for.

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