New desk for Cassandra

EOS_20111009_0831Bloody hell! This morning we turned on the spot heater in the living room for the first time this season. After a day and a night of constant rain and single digit temperatures the room temperature was down to a measly 18 degrees when I came down. Shiver :-(.

Well, I had some indoor work to do anyway. Since we picked up Cassandra’s new desk yesterday I, of course, had to assemble it as well. EOS_20111009_0834It wasn’t really too complicated to assemble but I am still convinced that the plonkers that design these things never ever assemble any of them themselves. Either that or they are kinky bastards into self-inflicted pain or something.

Well, Cassandra now got a new desk where she can do homework and stuff. Not that any of the other kids have ever used their desks for homework but one can still have hopes, right :roll:?

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