Zipped photo albums for download

Zipped FolderAs you might have noticed, since a couple of days there is a link titled My Zipped Photo Archives under the My Photo Albums heading in the side bar of this site.

This link brings you to my public document folder on SkyDrive where I have uploaded zipped versions of some of my older and now static photo albums for easy download.

I was asked for a simple way to get hold of all the photos in an album. Of course you can do this easily by clicking the Download with Photo Gallery link in SkyDrive but as the name of the link indicates you need Windows Live Photo Gallery for this. This is free software in the Windows Live Essentials software suite that you can just download and install. I use Live Writer, Live Photo Gallery and Live Mesh almost all the time.

Anyway, I do not want to get into explaining how to download software and install it for those who are not comfortable doing so themselves so I have zipped together some of the photo albums for easy download via the link mentioned above.

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