Ikea will stop selling Swedish food ?

LousyI read some quite disturbing news today in one of the Swedish on-line newspapers. If it’s true then it appears Ikea will stop selling (real) Swedish food in their shops situated outside of Sweden.

The original news reads…

Ikea går över till att bara sälja mat på sina varuhus som företaget själv har recepten till, skriver Fri Köpenskap. I stället för att använda svenska företag kommer Ikea att beställa från en global leverantörsdatabas.

In translation it says that Ikea will only sell food which is manufactured from Ikea’s own recipes and by a “global base of manufacturers”.

This is pure corporate bullshit language. Translated one more time into normal people’s terms it means that Ikea will manufacture “Swedish” food to their own “specifications” wherever it’s cheapest for them and they will not sell anything from any of the traditional Swedish food manufacturers any more. So if it happens to be cheaper to manufacture meatballs in Thailand, they will do so and sell the resulting crap substitute as “Swedish Meatballs”.

I’m in no ways a die hard opponent to globalization in general but if you sell products specifically because they are part of a country’s culture, especially the food culture, then I would bloody well expect them to be manufactured by said country and by the traditional manufacturers and not be some bloody cheap lookalikes from any part of the globe. This sort of thing can only happen in Sweden :-(. I can just imagine the riots that would result in France if someone got an idea like this.

It really is just fucking bullshit! I’m sure some arrogant bean counter have figured out that if they can get away with selling this cheap shit to non-Swedish people who doesn’t know what it’s supposed to look and taste like and then they can make some more money. So much for being ambassadors of Swedish culture :roll:.

We used to go to Ikea in Geneva or Lausanne a few times per year just to visit the Swedish food shop but now it looks like there’s not really any incentive for that any more. I guess we just have to pass by one more time to see it’s really as bad as this news seems to indicate.

I can of course not say that we will be hugely affected by this so maybe I do not have the right to complain too much but I just think this is … well … wrong!

3 thoughts on “Ikea will stop selling Swedish food ?

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  2. Oh, that explains a LOT, actually. Been thinking they’re too happy about their own branded goods, instead of the things we ex-pats actually WANT to buy. The annoying thing is that some things they can’t get their hands on, and instead of keeping them as they are, they stop stocking them altogether. No more falukorv, no more Kalles kaviar (not that I ever bought any, but I’m sure plenty of others did), no Blossa, no bloody julmust!! I mean, the Food Market was never perfect in regards to what they stocked, but at least … they had SOME things you simply couldn’t get anywhere else outside Sweden, unless you’re in the vicinity of a speciality shop. Which we’re not. 😦

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