Gardening weekend

EOS_20111001_0801With autumn coming quickly it’s time to tend to the garden before winter. This autumn I have planned to redo the compost in the vegetable garden since the one we had was just too small and badly organized. This time I’m going to make one myself so I get the exact measurements that I want.

I started already two weekends ago but last weekend it was raining all weekend so I got nothing done outside. No I do not agree to the ridiculous proverb that “there’s no bad weather only bad clothes” :roll:!

Anyway, the compost we have, as bad as it is, was still in use so it’s a lot of material to shift from one side of the vegetable garden to another one. And then when I’ve finished the new compost I, of course, have to shift all the bloody dirt back again. Sigh!

Well, at least I got the first shifting more or less done this Saturday morning so now I can go on to flatten the soil and start to dig for the concrete foundations that I need to put in place. With some luck I might actually be finished before the snow :mrgreen:.


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