Nice October day today

EOS_20111015_0837Today we’ve been having a quite nice October day. 16 degrees, which is pretty alright for end of October, and sunny a good part of the day although some clouds are coming in as I write this.

Nice weather in October have a tendency to translate into gardening work and of course today was no different. So I got around to do the last lawn moving for the year and happily set the lawn mover aside in the garage afterwards. Got started with digging out the foundation for my new compost as well.

The kids have been playing PlayStation two days in a row so we made the PlayStation off-limits today which, of course, caused some whining in the morning. They still managed to spend a good part of the day in front of the TV. They were allowed to watch a film but of course each of them chose a different film :roll:.

Anyway, now I plan to sit down, well deserved I would say, and do some reading. I’m currently going through John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War. Quite interesting, and particularly different, story so far.

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