Please shoot George Vernon Hudson !

GunslingerDamned, it’s too late! The guy is already dead. For those of you who do not know who this guy is (or rather was), George Vernon Hudson was the bloody moron that first suggested the idiotic practice of screwing with the time twice a year.

Today the political justification is that it saves energy, which I am convinced is pure bullocks, but this guy actually did it for purely selfish reasons. He was a hobby entomologist who simply wanted more bright after work hours to gather his bloody bugs. Good for him, bad for everyone else.

broken clockIt’s just a bloody pain to change all the clocks everywhere, adjust to new daily hours (especially if you have kids), get your dogs to get into their head that they are not going to get fed for another hour and so on. Ever had a dog howling because it’s past his feeding time? Well, George Vernon Hudson obviously had not.

The official justification is just bullshit as far as I’m concerned. Instead of lighting up an office or workplace, which more and more have a fairly efficient and modern low energy lighting, presence sensors etc., you light up your apartment or house which probably have a lot less efficient lighting as well as heating and you probably light up a lot more rooms than the one you’re in.

Given that most of the world either never practiced it or have stopped doing so (even some states in the US have decided to stop) I think it’s about time that we stop this crap as well. But then, it’s not very likely for the idiots in Brussels to take any sensible decisions is it?

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