Transformers – Dark of The Moon

Transformers - Dark of The MoonWe got Transformers – Dark of The Moon delivered by mail from Amazon yesterday. Jonathan was hovering over me from the second I got home from work wondering when we where going to watch it :roll:, so we ended up watching it last evening.

The film was splendid in doing exactly what it was intended to do, that is display a special effects loaded action story with a minimal of intelligent plot in the best audiovisually pleasing way possible. It had special effects (good and lots of special effects), it got action (lots of action) and it got the obligatory teen bimbo heroine with not too many complicated lines to speak.

As usual with this type of film a lot of the professional so-called “critics” has been whining about how bad it was and, just as usual, this is pure bullshit because these morons always refuse to look at a film taking into account the producers intended result and target audience. Well the actual moviegoers made it the highest grossing film in the franchise and the 2nd highest grossing film in 2011 so I’m quite sure that Michael Bay can afford to tell those “critics” to go to bloody hell (or Cybertron).

Sure, the plot was somewhere between non-existent and silly and some of the dialogue was rather childish and silly as well but it was not meant to be Oscars material in the actors department so just get over it a watch it for what it was meant to be.

As usual with the Transformers movies the Blu-ray transfer was just stunning. The picture quality was simply excellent and the sound as well. It has a full Dolby True HD 7.1 soundtrack. I really like when enough effort is taken to make a full seven channel soundtrack. The sound was just excellent. The LFE when those big guys where stomping around was absolutely magnificent yet well-balanced with no unnecessary rumbling sounds.

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