Busy Saturday this weekend !

EOS5D_2011_10_12_000033I hoped to play around with my new camera this weekend but it so happened that we had quite a few small, and not so small, things to do this weekend.

In the morning we had to go on a bit of shopping spree. First to Bricorama to get more concrete for my garden project. Then to a kitchen shop in St Genis to pick up a new faucet for our bathroom since the one we have has broken. When we got there no one was available to serve us but a receptionist who couldn’t help us in any way except tell us that no one was available. So we said we where going to do some other things and then come back. So we went to Val Thoiry to pick up some new shoes for Jonathan. We had to get size 42 this time! When we came back the same receptionist again told us that no one was available.

EOS5D_2011_10_12_000054So we took an appointment so Bodil can go there on Monday to select the faucet. A bloody appointment to select a faucet? We would have gone elsewhere if it wasn’t for the fact that our plumber, who is going to install it and a do few other things for us, asked us to go there since it’s from them he gets his supplies. It’s amazing that, in todays times of constant financial crisis, someone can have money to hire a receptionist who can do bloody nothing but tell people she cannot do anything. How bloody difficult can it be to write down the order number of the faucet that we wanted?

Anyway, we continued to Bricorama to get some more dog food and make a tour around their Christmas market, which had opened a week earlier, where we got a new house for our miniature Christmas village

EOS5D_2011_10_12_000049The afternoon we spent in the garden, Bodil grinded down some of the vegetation that she had trimmed down a few weeks before and I trimmed our side of the hedge towards one of our neighbors and mixed up and put in place the concrete that I bought.

So when writing this it is pretty much the first time I get to sit down today.

Luckily I actually did get some time to do some shooting with my new camera as well. Unfortunately the weather forecast was slightly off in that we didn’t get any sunshine until the very end of the day so it wasn’t ideal for picture taking. I did get some taken though of which I have sprinkled a few into this post. As usual you can click on them for a larger version though that version is still reduced in resolution a lot compared to the original. The original RAW images are around 30 Mb a piece.

EOS5D_2011_10_12_000051The last one to the right is not really that much as a photo itself but I added it just because I was somewhat impressed by the exposure done by the camera without me helping it in any way. The 350D would have overexposed that picture hopelessly due to the direct light from the sun behind the bush.

Well, now I’m off to make dinner. It’s Tajine de Poulet aux Abricots on the menu.

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