The electrician fixed the ventilation…finally!

VentilationIt’s next to bloody impossible to get someone to actually do some work for you these days, and if someone does get around to do something they charge exorbitantly.

Quite some time ago, before summer, we asked a number of electricians for an offer to replace our aging mechanical ventilation, or VMC as it’s called in France, in our house.

It was really old, it was quite noisy, one of the two motors weren’t working any more and on top of that the shit-for-brains guy that the company that organized the renovation of our kitchen brought in had connected the other motor to the electrical circuit dedicated to the lights. This we found out by pure chance a couple of months afterwards when I had to disconnect the fuse to replace a switch for the light.

Anyway I’ve been increasingly harassing the electrician, who’s offer we accepted in the end, to get his thumbs out of his arse and he finally mailed me yesterday and asked if he could come today at 8’o clock in the morning. Since we had been waiting for about half a year I didn’t really bother to complain about the short notice.

So, I’m writing this post over lunch today and, hopefully, we will have two new and properly installed motors for the VMC when I get home tonight.

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